Accessible Bathroom Designs

Everyone should have a home that is safe and accessible to them so they can experience their best life within those walls. Having a bathroom that is properly designed for prime accessibility is crucial to living a life with a disability or a mobility issue that retains dignity and promotes independence. Ensuring that your bathroom, […]

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Roll-In Showers

Being able to take a nice shower is one of those luxuries that most of us take for granted until we cannot enjoy one. With appropriate accommodations, taking care of one’s hygiene in a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable way can be restored. Roll-in showers may be the answer to creating an accessible bathroom.  Why You […]

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Durable Shower Doors

Beginning or ending a hectic day with a hot shower is part of enjoying a home. A bathroom and its aesthetics can add to a home’s value or decrease it when it is not appropriately maintained. Increasing value can be as simple as installing durable shower doors to your shower to improve functionality and appeal.  […]

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Tub Shower Combos

There is no need to flip a coin when deciding on a tub or shower. The perfect option for your home may be a tub shower combo, allowing for the best of both worlds. Creating a space that works for everyone is simple, making daily routines much easier in your home. If you are considering […]

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Shower and Tub Wall Surrounds

Wall surrounds are one of the most critical components of any shower or tub. Their importance may not be obvious, but understanding the value they bring to your shower or tub will help you gain a new appreciation. Working with a passionate team that values the importance of quality shower and tub wall surrounds can […]

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