There is no need to flip a coin when deciding on a tub or shower. The perfect option for your home may be a tub shower combo, allowing for the best of both worlds. Creating a space that works for everyone is simple, making daily routines much easier in your home.

If you are considering a tub shower combo, speak with experts in Boston that will listen to all of your questions and provide answers while guiding you through the process of adding or remodeling a tub shower combo in your home. From beginning to end, any investment in your home is also an investment of your time. We value working with customers and are dedicated to creating a unique space for you.

Tub Shower Combo Benefits

A great way to decide on a tub shower combo is to consider the benefits.

Budget Friendly

A tub shower combo generally costs less than installing them separately. You eliminate the need for preparing two spaces and purchasing double the materials, such as plumbing parts, surrounds, and fixtures. There is a reduction in labor costs as well. 

Even choosing premium materials for your tub shower combo, the cost can be less, allowing you to invest in eye-catching detail work. Endless possibilities are available when it comes to upgrades.

Space Saving

A tub shower combo allows you to save valuable space. When this happens, you expand your options for additional storage by adding shelving. Or you may have always wanted a vanity to increase your comfort while preparing for the day. Two sinks may be just what you need, allowing you and your partner to get out the door on time in the morning. 

Resale Value

Having a tub shower combo in your home covers a range of needs in a household. Tubs offer more accessible bathing for small children, while adults may prefer to take advantage of a quick shower for efficiency. The dynamics of every home are different, but your home becomes more appealing to more people in Boston when it offers options that fit every need.


The element of versatility is somewhat intertwined with the idea of resale but allows you to gain more benefits and use from your tub shower combo at every stage of life. Just as it is easier for small children to utilize a bathtub, aging may not allow long periods of standing to use a shower. A tub shower combo is a foresighted choice for every stage of life.

Standout Tub Shower Combos

There are many ways to upgrade your tub shower combo and make it stand out. Simple changes and techniques can create a luxurious appearance. A design team can direct you to some of these options.

Stunning Bath Surrounds

One of the quickest ways to bring beauty to your bathroom is by upgrading the surround on your tub shower combo. Quality surrounds add stylish features to your bathroom, breathing new life into an ordinary space. 

For example, quality surrounds can give the appearance and texture of subway tile, marble, natural stone, and ceramic tile. The cost of these surrounds is much more affordable also. 

Upgrade to Glass Doors

There are many benefits to adding glass doors to your tub shower combo.

  • Glass doors create a clean look and design. 
  • Light flows into your space after adding glass, making it easier to see without the need to add additional lighting.
  • Glass doors increase the value of your home by improving the functionality and attractiveness of your bathroom.
  • Glass doors reduce water splash, making the floor in your bathroom less likely to be slippery, reducing fall hazards.
  • Cleaning becomes much easier with glass doors. They also resist mold and mildew, creating a cleaner, healthier environment.

Quality Fixtures

Quality fixtures for your tub shower combo are not an afterthought but a vital factor of the final product in your bathroom. They will last a long time without needing to be replaced and add value to your home.

Is This a DIY Project?

Working with a professional when installing a tub shower combo is always your safest option. Paying someone to complete the job may cost more initially, but it can also save lots of money because there is no room for mistakes. It can also save you time, helping to have your home free of construction faster and your bathroom in working order much quicker. 

Make Necessary Repairs

It is crucial to assess the existing structure where your tub shower combo will be located. Rot, mold, or mildew damage repairs should happen before the installation begins. This step will prevent any compromise to the structure’s integrity and reduce the possibility of future leaks. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Once cuts and holes are made for the fixtures, they are permanent. Working with a professional ensures that precise cuts and holes are properly placed so there is no damage to the panels. Replacing new panels because of the wrong measurements is costlier than hiring the experts.

Existing spaces will require that the new tub shower combo and surrounds fit precisely, or the area will need modification to accommodate changes in size. A professional can do this for you so that your tub shower combo fits seamlessly.

Installing and Updating Plumbing

Plumbing hides in the walls and can create significant issues if installed improperly. Leaks can go undetected, causing structural damage over time. Plumbing is a critical aspect of your project that requires special attention and knowledge.

Finalizing the Project

Caulking any seams needs to be performed with precision to prevent leaks. Additionally, choosing the correct caulk for a project is essential. All caulking material is not created equally for every project.

Professionals in Tub Shower Combos

The quality of work for your home project is indispensable. We take it seriously, working out the details to minimize your stress and maximize the enjoyment you experience. Bath Makeover by Capital is the leading professional in Boston, providing exceptional service from start to finish.

Quality, integrity, respect, and teamwork are only a few characteristics that set our work and team apart. You never guess about the progress of your project because we believe in communication. Your tub shower combo installation is only a phone call away.


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