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    A quality bath renovation adds value, style, and functionality to your Boston home. Whether you live in one of the city’s historic charmers or brand new construction, our bathroom remodeling company has custom solutions to perfectly meet your needs.

    Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel’s bathroom remodeling contractors bring more than 16 years of proven industry experience to your next project. You’ll also discover our unwavering commitment to deliver outstanding results, through a pleasant and efficient remodeling experience.

    Choosing Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel means you’ll receive a fast, affordable bathroom makeover for your Boston home.

    Our services include:

    Are One-Day Bathroom Remodels Worth It?

    Nothing is worse than not being able to access your bathroom, especially when it’s due to a remodeling project. If the thought of a multi-day or week-long remodeling project sounds stressful, then our one-day bathroom remodeling projects are well worth it.

    Schedule your one-day bathroom remodel with us now.

    One-Day Replacement Bathtubs For Boston Homes

    A cracked or chipped tub makes your entire bathroom look outdated, but you’ll never have to worry about that with a premium replacement tub from Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel. Our products are made from ultra-durable acrylic that resists damage and is easy to keep clean. Enjoy your tub even more with a lifetime of low-maintenance upkeep.

    If you need an accessible bathroom remodel, then you should ask our team members about our highly-rated walk-in tubs.

    Stylish Showers for Your Boston Bathroom

    An outdated shower can be exhausting. Tiles shifting, faded colors, and decades-old water stains can all put a damper on your experience in the bathroom. A refreshing shower replacement can help you enjoy this space again.

    Each shower replacement with Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel is custom-designed and -fabricated to your liking. You’ll be able to choose every detail of your new shower from the style and color to the fixtures and optional accessories. Once designed, it will be manufactured based on detailed measurements of your space for a perfect, leak-proof fit.

    Our team members can tear down and replace your old shower in as little as one day. Choosing us for your next shower replacement means you won’t have to deal with a long, inconvenient renovation. Use your new shower in as little as a day!

    Convenient Bath Conversions

    If you are in dire need of a bathtub upgrade, our team has a solution for you. Through our one-day bath remodel, our team with Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel can transform your bathroom into a space that better meets your family’s needs.

    We offer both tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions, and we complete the project using the footprint of your existing tub or shower, so you don’t have to reconfigure the entire space.

    Expanding Access Through Accessibility

    Our mobility needs can change at any time. Walking, standing, and balancing are all key characteristics that we must be aware of when considering a bathroom remodel.

    That’s why our team with Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel also offers accessible bathroom remodeling services in Boston. Our focus is on enhancing functionality without compromising style.

    An accessible bathroom typically includes features like walk-in tubs, roll-in showers, and grab bars, all integrated into a design that is both elegant and practical.

    Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel ensures that these bathrooms, while fully accessible, avoid a clinical appearance by incorporating contemporary designs and high-quality materials.

    Give your home a refreshed bathroom that’s accessible to everyone. Contact our team members now to learn more about our accessible bathroom remodeling services.

    How Does Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel Compare To A General Contractor?

    While it’s true that your average home remodeling contractor could accomplish your next bathroom project, they won’t provide the functional and aesthetically pleasing results we can provide.

    Our team members with Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel won’t just provide an efficient bathroom remodel. We will also bring an eye for professional design, which means the final result of your bathroom project will look like it came straight from the pages of a magazine.

    In addition to providing efficient service and aesthetically pleasing results, here’s what you can also expect from any of Boston’s bathroom remodeling projects:

    • Transparent and Upfront Pricing

    • Convenient Booking

    • A Supportive Customer Care Team

    • Professionally Trained Crew Members

    • Financing Options

    • Manufacturer Warranties On Our Services

    If you’re concerned about the final look of your bathroom and asking yourself “Do I need a general contractor for bathroom remodel?” then a company like Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel is your answer.

    From start to finish, you can expect convenient, top-notch service to be provided during any of our bathroom remodeling projects in Boston. If you have any questions about our services, process, or commitment to you, please contact us to learn more.

    Discover Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodels In Boston

    You don’t have to spend a fortune to receive a premium bathroom update.

    Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel in Boston prioritizes all of your style, functionality, and budget goals. Ask our team members about our special financing options as you prepare to book your next project with us.

    To learn more about our services, schedule a free design consultation, or receive an accurate cost estimate, please call our team at (857) 309-7569.

    You can also fill out our online form to secure your consultation.


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    Extremely professional service from start to finish. They did an amazing job on our bathroom and were available throughout the entire process! A commodity unfortunately not found in many contracting companies these days. My wife and I highly recommend Jacuzzi Bath Remodel. Matt our salesman was polite, professional, and down to earth. Our bathroom is a dream come true! We will definitely use them again.

    -Stephen Fallow
    Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Boston


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