Being able to take a nice shower is one of those luxuries that most of us take for granted until we cannot enjoy one. With appropriate accommodations, taking care of one’s hygiene in a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable way can be restored. Roll-in showers may be the answer to creating an accessible bathroom. 

Why You Should Consider a Roll-in Shower

Barrier-free, roll-in showers allow wheelchair users to roll directly into their shower. A roll-in shower has several important features. Listed below are some of the features that are commonly included: 

  • Enough space for navigating a wheelchair within the shower stall
  • Thresholds that are usually around ½ inch high so that wheelchairs can be rolled over them
  • Some roll-in shower surrounds are made from fiberglass. Some are covered with sprayed-on gel-coated polyester that is then cured. This constructs a uniform thickness throughout the shower. 
  • In some cases, acrylic sheets are heat-softened and vacuum formed around the mold. Acrylic is more prone to losing its shape and being less uniform, particularly in areas that it is stretched over. 
  • The showers are backed with plywood eliminating the need for drywall behind the shower. This allows the shower’s user to be able to access the accessories in the spot they are needed, rather than having to work around the wall studs.
  • Roll-in showers come in one, three, or five-piece configurations. A one-piece barrier-free shower will be seamless if they can be brought into the home in one piece. 
  • Showers with three or five pieces are easier to move into the house and are assembled in such a way that the pieces fit together, forming a leakproof barrier.


If you already have a bathtub in your bathroom, it could be retrofitted into the area where it currently lives. 

Features to Add to a Roll-in Shower

When creating an accessible environment, some features can make the experience better. A few of these additions are listed below: 

  • ADA-compliant grab bars are installed horizontally on each shower wall. 
  • Grab bars are installed vertically or diagonally depending on the user’s needs. 
  • Mounting showerheads at adjustable heights to accommodate people in and out of wheelchairs make the shower useful to all. 
  • Handheld shower heads with long hoses make showering easier. 
  • Thresholds keep water in the showers. If they are ½ an inch high, the edge of the threshold should be beveled. This design allows for wheelchairs to roll in.
  • Seats or benches allow wheelchair users to transfer to the seat and allow for sit-down showers for anyone who needs or desires this feature. There are sometimes options to fold the seat or bench up or down as needed.
  • Roll-in shower doors do not require a curb, making it easier for wheelchair users to get in and out of the shower. Using a roll-in shower door requires less space than a standard shower door, which is a benefit since the shower is large and not all homes have the space to accommodate the extra room necessary. 
  • Easy-to-reach shelving is a must since it puts toiletries and other necessary items within easy reach. 
  • Stylish designs do not make the shower safer or more convenient, but they make your home more beautiful, adding value all by itself. Having an accessible shower does not mean sacrificing beauty.

Roll-In Shower Floors

Barrier-free showers mean that a wheelchair user can roll right in without the obstacle of a curb or raised lip. The floors in roll-in showers are sloped down to manage drainage.

 This allows the smaller lip or allows for them to be omitted altogether. Water drains easily, and obstacles are eliminated. 

Safe Shower Options

For various reasons, individuals who use wheelchairs invest in roll-in showers. The three most common reasons are as follows: 

  • Installing a roll-in shower provides a safe and cost-effective shower for those with mobility constraints. Family members and caregivers are thrilled with how easy they are to use. 
  • Rolling into the shower and not having to navigate wet tile, and stepping over the lip reduce safety concerns.
  • Not having a bathtub can reduce moisture from gathering on bathroom floors which, in turn, deters mold growth.

Accessible Showers Installed

Barrier-free shower installation may help those with mobility limitations. The installation process is a straightforward one. Once installation is complete, everyone can enjoy their showers comfortably and safely. 

If you currently have a bathtub, you understand the challenge of transferring to a shower seat in the tub. This can be awkward and can create an unsafe environment. Individuals using wheelchairs can navigate into the roll-in shower much more easily. If they prefer to transfer to a seat within the shower, fold-down seating, including bench seats, can be installed. 

Having showerheads at the correct heights and access to handheld showers, shelves, and soap dishes at the appropriate height can make showering a much more convenient experience.

Roll-In Showers Create More Opportunities for Independence

When a person is elderly or experiencing mobility issues, the more things they are able to do for themselves, the better for them and for their caregivers. Being able to shower as independently as possible allows people faced with these challenges more freedom and allows them to retain more of their dignity. 

Let Bath Makeover by Capital Help You 

At Bath Makeover by Capital, we have experience designing and installing roll-in showers. Call us when you are ready to formulate a plan for your bathroom remodeling project. We can take measurements and help you make decisions about the finish, the style, and the features you need. 

Specifics like the handrail positioning, shelves, seating, and other options will be based on the bathroom and the person or people who will be using it. Our professionals have experience making sure our roll-in showers meet your needs. See how we can help today.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on safety, quality, style, or access when it comes to your roll-in shower. Our showers allow disabled and elderly residents to enjoy barrier-free bathing and live as independently as possible. Bath Makeover by Capital is ready to design and install your customized roll-in shower today. Contact us for more information.


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