Beginning or ending a hectic day with a hot shower is part of enjoying a home. A bathroom and its aesthetics can add to a home’s value or decrease it when it is not appropriately maintained. Increasing value can be as simple as installing durable shower doors to your shower to improve functionality and appeal. 

Adding durable shower doors can serve multiple purposes. Working with a skilled design team in Boston to establish a budget and design that works for you is the best place to begin, allowing you to explore all options and finish with an outstanding product.

Benefits of Durable Shower Doors

Adding durable shower doors to your bath serves several functions.


Nothing is more uncomfortable than stepping into a drafty, chilly shower. Adding durable shower doors creates a comfortable environment, retaining better climate control while allowing relaxation.


Durable shower doors add value to your home. Selling your home may not be part of a current plan, but you will be market ready should you decide to list your home to sell.


Durable shower doors work great to keep water and soap from splashing onto bathroom floors, reducing the potential for falls and thus creating a safer environment.


Depending on the construction material of your shower doors, they may offer a view of beautiful tile, rock, or stonework in your shower’s surround. Or you may opt for a tinted or textured shower door to provide privacy. The many options for durable shower doors allow for creative expression in your home.

Types of Shower Doors

There are options when you are choosing durable shower doors. It is essential to consider the look you hope to accomplish, your space, and your budget. There is something for everyone when you begin to explore the possibilities.

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding or bypass shower doors slide from side to side and save space in your bathroom footprint. Both doors may slide, or you may opt for a fixed door and one sliding option with an attached bar for support. These doors can be placed in a track, which is more budget friendly, or affixed to a rolling system that glides effortlessly on a mounted bar with simple guides at the base keeping the glass in place. 

Curved Shower Doors

Curved shower doors work great on space saving corner showers by sliding on a track. The opening into the shower is more significant, allowing for an accessible entrance and exit. This design is also easy to clean.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

The entry way on this corner shower is centered between two panels, allowing the door to open to the room, maximizing space in and out of the shower. These doors are also space savers.

Bi or Tri Fold Shower Doors

This type of door consists of two or three panels, with one panel being stationary. The panels will slide, hinging inward, like a bifold closet door, taking up minimal space.

Steam Shower Doors

Steam doors fit so that your shower can also serve as a steam room. The door fits from floor to ceiling allowing minimal steam to escape. The hinges are also airtight.

Trackless Doors

Trackless doors are easy to clean and maintain, encouraging minimal mold and mildew buildup because of their streamlined features. However, they both may require more room than may be available in smaller bathrooms. Working with a professional team of experts in Boston allows you to discuss the size restraints in your bathroom and determine the best option for durable shower doors in your space.

  • Side-hinged doors operate similarly to other entries in your home. They swing outward on a fixed hinge, creating ample entrance space, so measuring the area outside your shower is critical. Hinged doors can be framed or unframed.
  • Pivot-hinged doors are mounted on top and bottom, swinging in or out. The hinge can be mounted on either side of the door and even in the center, allowing for a revolving door. 

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors have grown in popularity in recent years and create a clean look and even make a bathroom appear larger when clear glass panels are used. As previously mentioned, frameless doors can be side hinge or pivot hinge mounted and hung from a bar on a rolling system. Initially, these may be costlier options, but it adds to your home’s value.

These doors generally require minimal maintenance so that you may recoup some of the initial cost over time. They are easy to clean. With no track, these shower doors also allow easy, unobstructed access, particularly for individuals with mobility issues.

Durable Shower Door Construction

The glass composing your shower doors can come in varying thicknesses depending on whether it is framed or unframed. Glass will vary in price by thickness. Also, thicker glass requires additional support to anchor it securely in place and may require modifications in the surrounding structure to provide strength.

There are multiple glass options, all providing durable shower door options.

  • Clear glass allows for unobstructed lighting, makes your bathroom look more extensive, and can enable beautiful shower surround designs to remain unobscured. The downside to clear glass is the difficulty keeping it streak, smear, and spot-free.
  • Tinted glass allows you to add tones providing slight coloration to increase privacy. A darker tint may require additional lighting above the shower space.
  • Frosted glass will allow privacy while allowing light to flow into the shower. Frosted glass can also mask streaks and spots, requiring less detailed cleaning to keep it looking great.
  • Rain glass provides a textured side that resembles raindrops and a smooth side. This type of glass can also mask watermarks while allowing plenty of light in your shower.

Create the Look You Want

Options for creating the luxurious shower you have always wanted are almost endless when you work with the knowledgeable design team of Bath Makeover by Capital. We understand the construction of durable shower doors and how they add to your home to create the perfect shower space for your needs. We believe in communication from beginning to end so that you are informed and aware of every step of the process when choosing durable shower doors. 

We serve the Boston area, providing quality craftsmanship that adds value and enjoyment to your home. Our service sets us apart, and the quality of our work is unmatched.


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