Make Your Home Safer For Everyone With Accessibility Options

Homes should be safe, accessible places that foster the best quality of life. There are accessibility options that ensure mobility and encourage every member to have the independence they deserve. This article will cover key areas you should consider when adapting your home to offer safety, access, and freedom.    Determining the modifications, you may […]

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Shower Door vs. Roll In Door Installations

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house – not only for practical reasons but for relaxation, luxury, and beauty. Consider all options before starting new construction or a remodeling plan to have a bathroom that lives up to your expectations.  When designing a bathroom, showers are often center stage. Bath […]

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How Do Walk-In Tub Installations Work?

Nothing is more pleasant than sinking into a hot bath, turning on the jets, and simply relaxing. People facing mobility challenges should not have to forgo that pleasure. Getting into a bathtub or standing in a shower can be difficult for those with mobility issues. In the 1940s, some brilliant minds came up with the […]

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2023’s Stylish Half Bathroom Tile Designs

Creating the perfect aesthetic in your half bathroom can be both exciting and maybe even a bit overwhelming. Should you use bright colors or neutrals? Large tiles or small ones? Should you go simple or dramatic? With so many options on the market nowadays, it really comes down to your own personal preference and what […]

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How To Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Chrome fixtures are just one of those household items that garner a lot of attention and easily show water spots as well as stubborn stains. Whether your fixtures are shiny or blotchy will determine if this is the type of attention you want to be drawn to your bathroom. Chances are, you already have all […]

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