As you think about remodeling and updating your bathroom, you may be considering the value of a new shower door. Sometimes, it is in the simplest of updates like this that you can transform a space from just a bathroom into a luxurious spa-like area. While that may take more than just a door, it does not have to be hard to see a significant improvement with a new shower door. Before you invest, consider some of the stylish shower doors out there and how well they may work to fit the needs of your Boston home.

Before You Get Started, Know Your Needs

Before you find a shower door that is beautiful and gets your heart set on it, be sure you know what size and specifications you need for the door. Shower doors can swing or slide, depending on the design of the shower and the space itself. It is a good idea to choose a door that fits your needs here since retrofitting them can be a challenge.

Next, consider the size. Though some doors are quite standard, you may have an odd-shaped shower space and need an oversized or slightly smaller door. The key here is to take the measurements of the existing door so you can easily find a replacement that works for your needs. If you are redoing the entire bathroom, on the other hand, you can update the space to fit your needs.

Choosing the Style Right for You

Once you know what you need, it is time to consider what you want in a new shower door. The good news is you have a lot of options to consider.

Consider Your Metal Options

Often, the metal framing of the shower door will match the other materials in the space. You may want to choose a gold color, for example, if the rest of your metal fixtures have the same tone. You can find a lot of options here, but the traditional shower door will have a stainless steel frame. This can work well as a versatile option for any space, even if your fixtures are a different color.

Quality matters here. Invest in a high-quality metal since this is a valuable component of the door’s structural integrity, impacting its long-term use. You likely do not want to go with an inferior material that will rust, tarnish, or bend down the road.

Door Style Options

More than ever, there are dozens of styles of shower doors available, and that gives you options:

  • Sliding shower doors: This type of shower door typically has two or three panels that sit alongside each other and run along a track. This type of door may be placed on a bathtub or on the floor. If you have a wider shower opening, this type of shower door can work well.
  • Pivot shower doors: This style of door is sometimes referred to as a hinged door. They are quite common and swing open from one side of the shower. If you have a more narrow space and a sliding door just does not work, this option can work well.
  • Rounded shower doors: A space-saving option for sure. If your shower is tucked into the corner of your bathroom, you may want to consider a rounded shower door, one that has a rounded side and curved glass. This helps to take away from the four-sided, square shower style.
  • Neo-angle shower doors: A neo-angle shower door is another option for a corner shower. It takes up less overall space than the typical shower but more space than a rounded shower door.
  • Barrier-free: Another more modern option is a barrier-free shower. These have a fixed shower door panel that is by the shower head, but the rest of the shower is open without a door.

Which one is right for you? This really comes down to the space you must dedicate to the shower and the style you like.

Types of Glass for Your Shower

The next factor to keep in mind when considering stylish shower doors is the actual glass. Patterned or not, simple or basic, you have to consider the look and function of this glass.

Typically, glass thickness is not something to worry about if you have a framed door. If you have a frameless door, on the other hand, the glass be a bit thicker (within reason) to ensure proper fit and function. Most of the time, a frameless door will need glass that is 3/8 inch thick, but a thicker option may be better. If you choose a thicker frameless door, you have a more luxurious door than a simpler, thinner model.

You can go with a clear shower door or one that is frosted. Some are designed to have a texture added to them, which can work very well to create more of a design element to the space. Some are patterned. This is solely up to the look and feel you want for your space. Do you want someone to be able to see into the shower? Do you want to spend more on a beautifully patterned door?

Why Choose Jacuzzi Bath Remodel?

You certainly have a lot to think about, but if you want to make your decision a bit easier, call Jacuzzi Bath Remodel. When you do, you will quickly learn about the wide range of door options available to you within your budget and fit the structural needs of your space. Our team is highly experienced, which means you are sure to find the right type of door for all of your needs. We will help you to determine what type of door gives your bathroom the look and feel you want while still meeting any functional requirements of the space. You can count on us to ensure there are plenty of style options available to you, too.

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