Improving the accessibility of a shower does not seem like an easy task. After all, how will you make it easier for a person who does not have the same mobility as you to navigate this space and do so in a safe way? There are a number of accessible shower options to consider, each offering a solution that may work for your specific needs. As you take into consideration the options for updating your bathroom to be more accessible, remember that turning to a company that is highly experienced in this area can help you to find the right solution for any specific needs you have. 

Determine What Your Needs Are

Before you start looking at accessible shower options, you need to have some idea of what your needs are. Consider the best-case scenario – what would you need to make this process as easy as possible for you? For example, you may want to consider whether you or your loved one needs to be able to transfer from a wheelchair. On the other hand, you may just need something that eliminates the need to step up and over the edge of the tub into the shower.

Think about your needs now and into the future. Is it likely you may need more flexibility in the future? If so, it may be wise to plan for that now.

Finally, know the sizes. Take the time to measure out the bathroom space, so you know how much room you can dedicate to your new shower. You also need to consider the amount of work that needs to be done (for example, do you need to move the toilet to be able to improve mobility in this space)? The more flexible you are here, the more options you end up having.

Consider Your Accessible Shower Options

The next step is to work with a specialized provider who can help you to customize this space to fit your needs.

Walk-In Showers

One of the most common options people can use is a walk-in tub or shower. Instead of having to step over the edge of a standard tub, this option allows you to be able to bathe with more stability. You can choose a design that includes a spacious, easy-to-open door that allows you to simply step into the space without having to lift your leg too high (and get dizzy while doing so). In addition to this, you can have it retrofitted to include a seat within the bathtub or shower area which allows you to sit down while showering, reducing the risk that you will slip and fall while you are there. Look for ergonomic seating that is comfortable, too.

Roll-In Showers

Roll-in showers are for those who need to be able to move into the space without having to stand. These are roll-in, which means you are able to sit on the portable seating to create a more comfortable space. Some also offer longer grab bars to provide you with more confidence.

Roll-in showers help to eliminate that step and groove in the floor, which can often trip people. Even if you are mobile enough to get out of a wheelchair, you may still benefit from this type of accessible option because it simply reduces the risk of tumbling.

What to Look for in Your Shower

As you consider the options for an accessible shower, keep the following in mind:

  • Do you want there to be no barrier between you and the shower space? Even a small lip can create a slip hazard for many people. For some, a very low level of lip may be an option. For others, a slight slope into the center allows water to drain properly without the need for any type of edge on the shower.
  • Do you need portable or permanent seating? It is a good idea to add seating to a shower for those who need more accessibility because the process of showering is exhausting. You want to be able to sit if you need to do so.
  • How many grab bars do you need? Most accessible showers will have a few different grab bars positioned to make it easy for you to hold on when coming into the shower, when sitting down, and when moving around the space. These should be long enough to make it easy for you to move.

You also want to consider factors like proper lighting, easy-to-reach nozzles and showerheads, and a floor that is less slippery than others. You may want to consider any other feature that may be important to you to minimize any risk that you may fall or otherwise suffer an injury while bathing yourself or while you help your loved one.

Why Choose Jacuzzi Bath Remodel?

When you need the most flexibility in selecting a shower update and remodel to improve accessibility, put our team at Jacuzzi Bath Remodel to work for you. We can help you in a number of ways:

  • Have a made-to-order solution created for your space, crafted in the US to provide you with a very specific outcome that can help you overcome just about any obstacle you are facing.
  • Choose from numerous styles and color options to fit your space. Your accessible bathroom shower can still be very beautiful and fit the rest of your space.
  • Ensure proper sealants and fittings are used to keep the integrity of your shower right. We use the highest quality, durable acrylic surfaces that are also mold-resistant.

You can also count on us to be your go-to provider for flexible financing options. We are fully licensed and insured, too. When you choose a specific product, you can count on our team to install it using factory-certified technicians. All of that gives you peace of mind. 

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