Wall surrounds are one of the most critical components of any shower or tub. Their importance may not be obvious, but understanding the value they bring to your shower or tub will help you gain a new appreciation.

Working with a passionate team that values the importance of quality shower and tub wall surrounds can help you determine the best choice for your bathroom and invigorate your space with quality and beauty.

The Purpose of Wall Surrounds

Wall surrounds refer specifically to the wall area encompassing the exterior of your tub or shower. Their function is to keep the walls dry while the tub or shower is in use, maintaining the integrity of those surrounding walls by buffering them from excessive water exposure. The surrounds are a vital extension of your tub or shower, keeping water in place and funneling it toward the drain.

Nonporous materials make up your wall surrounds, like your tub or shower. It may seem the only purpose of wall surrounds is decorative, but wall surrounds prevent structural damage to your home, which can often go unnoticed and be very costly.

Shower and tub wall surrounds prevent mold, mildew, and rot, which all compromise the integrity of your home. There is a direct link between mold and mildew with health issues such as allergies, upper respiratory tract symptoms, wheezing and coughing, watery eyes, and skin irritations. Quality shower and tub wall surrounds are essential.

Why Choose Wall Surrounds

Shower and tub wall surrounds are a great way to improve your bathroom. Let’s look at the many reasons why choosing wall surrounds will fit the needs of your home.

Numerous Options

You may prefer a more traditional look for your wall surrounds, like white. But there are so many options to choose from. Shower and tub wall surrounds come in diverse colors, patterns, and textures that compliment the look of your home while providing valued protection.

Wall surrounds are created with the textures of tile or stone and can be designed to look like marble, creating a high-end product without high-end maintenance. 

Ease in Maintenance

Unlike some materials, shower and tub wall surrounds are engineered of material that repels water. They require minimal maintenance and are not burdensome to clean. Superior materials keep your shower and tub area feeling fresh and looking great because wall surrounds are not as susceptible to retaining dirt, encouraging organic growth such as mold, and discoloration. 

Wall surrounds are not prone to the maintenance nightmares of some materials that chip and crack, meaning they will be less likely to need repairs or replacement.

Optimal Protection

Because your wall surrounds have minimal seams and are designed specifically for your space, they offer a high level of waterproofing that protects the structure of your home. Diligence during the installation process creates a long life for your shower and tub wall surrounds as well as the framing of your home.

Cost Effective

The wall surrounds for your shower and tub are made for your space, saving time in installation costs because trained installers in Boston know what to expect on installation day, preparing for the task with your bathroom in mind. Quality surrounds still generally cost less than other materials but produce the same eye-catching result. 

Polished Appearance

Wall surrounds offer a smooth, sleek look that opens up your bathroom’s space. Bringing the wall surrounds higher can create the effect of higher walls, making smaller rooms appear larger. The continuity of the wall surrounds does not chop your wall space up or visually produce a cramped feeling.

The wall surrounds can make a striking visual statement with their unbroken look and enhance the size of any bathroom.

Minimal Disruption

Highly skilled, trained installers in Boston are well-versed in installing shower and tub wall surrounds, keeping the installation time to a minimum. Living in construction is chaotic. Our installers respect your time and space and understand that quality and time management go hand in hand.

Some materials require days or weeks to install. Life is busy, and a functional bathroom is critical to the flow of your life.


A variety of options in shower and tub wall surrounds makes this a versatile choice for any home. You can achieve any look you want. What style of home works with shower and tub wall surrounds?

  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Craftsman
  • Cottage
  • Mediterranean
  • Ranch-Style
  • Contemporary
  • Cape Cod
  • French Country

Wall surrounds contribute to the statement you make with your home, adding the details that seamlessly bring your look together.

What to Look for in Shower and Tub Wall Surrounds

The wall surrounds you choose should not be compromised under high traffic conditions and protect your walls from dampness and moisture. Mold resistance produces a healthier environment and makes your bathroom easier to clean in less time. And your shower and tub wall surrounds should be manufactured with quality and your space in mind which often does not happen in high-volume mass-producing stores.

What to Look for in a Team

There should be a team of experts that listen to you, understanding what you are looking for in a finished product. You should walk away feeling confident in the decision process because you know the available options. You should feel informed about the timeline of the installation and what to expect throughout the process. 

The team installing your wall surrounds should be licensed and insured to protect you. Quality training will ensure the professionalism that you deserve.

Exceeding Expectations

For over 15 years, the Bath Makeover By Capital team has been checking all the boxes in Boston, making us the best choice for providing a quality service and product in your shower and tub wall panel installation. Made-to-order products crafted in the USA are what you will get when you work with our team. Limited lifetime warranties give you confidence in your investment.

Our satisfaction comes from knowing we have another satisfied customer, guaranteeing we will be your first call when your bathroom needs a makeover. 


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