The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house – not only for practical reasons but for relaxation, luxury, and beauty. Consider all options before starting new construction or a remodeling plan to have a bathroom that lives up to your expectations. 

When designing a bathroom, showers are often center stage. Bath Makeovers by Capital can explain your options, so you make the most informed choices. We will discuss the pros and cons of each in this article. However, our contractors are experienced in coming up with personalized solutions for our clients.

Pros and Cons of Shower Doors

For a smart, modern look, shower doors are a popular choice. These doors come in a variety of styles and are typically made of glass. Glass allows for the most light and can make the area seem larger and more expansive. 

You may want to ask yourself a few questions when choosing a shower door. For instance, how will the door need to open? Do you need a sliding door? Or do you need a door with hinges? Or do you prefer a pivot door?

Do you want a framed or a frameless door? Frameless doors provide a clean, contemporary look. Frames can work to accent the other hardware in the bathroom. 

List of Pros for Installing Shower Doors

Several things make shower doors a desirable option for your bathroom project. A few of these are listed below: 

  • They are easy to clean. Most have a smooth surface that allows for fast and efficient cleaning. Some have a water-repellant coating that keeps soap scum and mildew build-up at bay.
  • Shower doors create a beautiful appearance through clean lines and glass panels. They can contribute to an uncluttered, spacious appearance. Perfect for those who want a pristine, modern look.
  • Because they can open in various ways, the homeowner can choose the look and the function that fits their needs best.

List of Cons for Installing Shower Doors

With everything, there are positives and negatives. Here are a few reasons you may decide that a shower door is not for you: 

  • They can be expensive. Options like frameless design can drive cost up. 
  • Installation costs can be expensive as well. Glass doors require precise measurements and professional installation.
  • They can be difficult for people with wheelchairs and other accessibility issues. The door can create a barrier to using the shower rather than a way to keep water inside.
  • They require regular maintenance and can be costly to replace if they become damaged. 
  • Scratches and chips happen over time and can lead to costly repairs.

Pros and Cons of Roll-in Doors

In recent years, roll-in shower doors have provided a new option for bathroom makeovers. Their barrier-free design eliminates the curb or lip that comes along with shower doors and creates tripping hazards. The shower floor is flush with the bathroom floor, creating ease in entering and exiting. 

Pros for Installing Roll-in Doors

Roll-in doors could be the right door choice for you. Below is a list of reasons you may benefit from installing roll-in doors.

  • They provide barrier-free accessibility. It is an excellent choice for those with wheelchairs and other mobility issues because they lack a curb, making it easier to enter and exit.
  • Roll-in doors are a safer option than traditional shower doors because the entry is flush with the bathroom floor, and there is less risk of tripping, which is especially helpful to children and the elderly.
  • Space-conscious design benefits from roll-in doors because they do not require a large opening. They are excellent space savers when bathroom space is limited.

Cons for Installing Roll-in Doors

As with standard shower doors, roll-in doors also have some cons to consider before including them in your bathroom plans. These cons are listed below: 

  • A complicated installation can be an issue with roll-in doors. They require a floor that is perfectly level and precise measurements. Bath Makeovers by Capital has experience with the installation process and can advise you about the costs and benefits of your particular bathroom. 
  • Design options are relatively new to the market, meaning that design options are limited. They are typically made of curtains or screens, and this may not fit the aesthetic everyone is seeking. 
  • The materials used in roll-in doors are more challenging to clean than traditional, smooth glass doors. 
  • Roll-in doors made of curtains or screens do not do as well at keeping water inside the shower, which can lead to water damage and maintenance issues.

Key Factors to Consider When Deciding Between a Standard and a Roll-in Shower Door

Professional bathroom contractors with Bathroom Makeovers by Capital have experience with all types of bathroom remodeling and construction. Seeking expert guidance before beginning a project is the best way to ensure that your bathroom fits your needs. Some of the key takeaways you should consider are as follows: 

  • Your current and future needs are essential to consider when it comes to accessibility. It is difficult to predict when you may need a more accessible home, but considering it when you are remodeling or building can save you money in the long term.
  • Budgetary concerns can be addressed with your Bathroom Makeover contractor prior to beginning your project. 
  • Considering how much room you are working with is another factor you may want to consider when planning which door style best works for you.
  • Maintenance and cleaning issues are essential to consider.
  • Aesthetics are another vital factor you will want to consider when determining which bathroom door fits your desired bathroom. The shower door experts with Bathroom Makeover can inform you of your options.

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