Creating the perfect aesthetic in your half bathroom can be both exciting and maybe even a bit overwhelming. Should you use bright colors or neutrals? Large tiles or small ones? Should you go simple or dramatic?

With so many options on the market nowadays, it really comes down to your own personal preference and what look you’d like to achieve. Here are a few ideas to help you transform your half-bathroom into a stylish area in your home.

Bathroom Designs: Tile Floor and Wall Ideas To Make Your Space Feel Large

The key to interior design is to make the most of your space. One of the disadvantages of a small bathroom is that there is less room to work with, but that shouldn’t stop you from designing this space. It might seem easier to design tile around four appliances, including a tub or shower, but in reality there are even more options, which could include full tiling your bathroom.

From the floor to the ceiling, it’s entirely possible to bring even a half-bathroom to life. For these types of bathrooms, a half with wall tiles will pop even more than it does in a larger bathroom.

One major key involves choosing the tile to create this beautiful space. Others include texture, lighting, and more.

Here are a few key tile floor and wall ideas that can make your bathroom feel chic and larger than it actually is.

Use Light Colors

Since lighter colors reflect the light, using white or light-neutral colored tiles will immediately make your bathroom look larger. Choosing soft shades of white or a mix of white and soft-colored tiles can ensure your newly remodeled bathroom doesn’t resemble a hospital room. If you’re looking for a pop of color, you should consider choosing mosaic tiles for this space.

Choose Long Format Tiles

Placing long format tiles so that they flow horizontally will appear to both extend the length of the area and give greater depth to your bathroom.

Try Mirrored Tiles

These tiles will also reflect light making your bathroom seem bigger than it is. Placing mirrored tiles on a wall on an opposite window works exceptionally well. This will use the reflecting light to your advantage.

Accent Light Sources With High Gloss Tiles

While tiling your entire bathroom with high gloss tiles can make your half bathroom feel loud and cramped, accenting a small area around light sources can be very powerful. High gloss marble tiles can be used to reflect light, making this small room seem more spacious without being visually overwhelming.

Extend Tile Up To The Ceiling

You can make your half bathroom appear larger by tiling to the top of the wall. This gives off the illusion of a higher ceiling creating the appearance of more wall space.

Minimize Grout Lines

Using colored grout to match your tile will visually blend your walls to create the illusion of more space.

Lay Tiles Vertically

Half bathrooms with low ceilings can make a person feel closed in. Laying tiles vertically gives the impression of added height, making the area feel roomier.

Keep It Simple

Multiple colors and bold patterns can make an already small space feel crowded. Using a single color will make your half bathroom appear more spacious.

Use A Diagonal Pattern

Half bathrooms are a great place to take advantage of optical illusions. Choose to have your tiles set in a diagonal pattern to emphasize both length and width at the same time.

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