Replacement showers can transform your bathroom, bringing a fresh new look and updated style to a highly used space in your home. But there may be more to a replacement shower than changing the appearance. Over time, showers wear out and need upgrades just like other parts of a home.

You can create your one-of-kind replacement shower by working with a team that has been bringing quality service to Boston residents for over 15 years. We work with your budget, schedule, and ideas to create the replacement shower that will best fit the needs of your family. Our service to you, from the very beginning, will exceed your expectations.

More Than a Facelift

While in the shower, trying to relax after a long day, have you caught yourself looking around and assessing everything that needs repair? If your shower has been in place for some time, it may have begun to wear out and would benefit from a new start. What things might you notice that reveal your shower needs replacement?

Mold and Mildew

Humid environments created by showers are the perfect incubators for bacteria and fungi. Those spots that turn black or green and grow in nooks and seams are mold. It is more than an eyesore, causing health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues. 

Mildew is colored white or gray and can appear powdery. It poses the same threat as mold, causing allergies, respiratory issues, and even rashes. The smell of a mildewy bathroom is quite unpleasant.

Cleaning may eliminate mold and mildew from sight for a short time, but they can often be difficult to remove altogether. Mold and mildew can make their way into fixtures and behind tiles with the best option being to start over with a replacement shower with built-in mold resistance to keep your shower environment healthier and looking new.


Leaks can occur in several places in your shower, causing long-term damage. Improperly caulked or grouted seams allows water to flow behind existing surrounds and tiles, eventually creating structural damage. The longer the leak occurs, the more extensive the damage will become.

The fixtures in your shower get worn over time, causing them not to turn off properly. That dripping may also leak behind surrounds and tiles, creating significant damage that often goes unnoticed. It can cause a considerable waste of water, increasing your water bill.

Old, leaky seals, hard water buildup, and loose fixtures can all lead to leaks and big repair bills when not addressed promptly. A replacement shower is a perfect solution to leaks.

Worn Shower Doors 

The doors on your existing shower may show age as signs of rust, improper alignment, water leaks, and chips begin to appear. Safety issues such as slips and falls become a hazard when shower doors do not close properly. A new shower door can allow light into your shower, creating a more pleasant environment with improved visibility while keeping the water from spilling into the bathroom.

Chipped Tile

Over time, tile can become chipped and cracked, creating the possibility for injury. Chips and cracks can lead to leaks, damaging your structure and costing more money as the deterioration spreads. A replacement shower precisely engineered for your space eliminates old tiles, creating a polished look that resists chips, cracks, and fading.


You may not be experiencing issues with your shower, and everything works as it should. It is possible that your current shower has been in place for quite some time, or you purchased your home from someone with totally different design tastes. A shower replacement will help you achieve the look you want for your home, adding to the comfort and enjoyment for many years, creating a desired aesthetic.

Products are constantly improving. Adding new fixtures to your shower will make it look more polished, easier to care for, and reduce water waste.

Versatile Replacement Showers 

Replacement showers offer many versatile options. A design expert in Boston can help you determine what you need in a replacement shower and discuss customization options. The enjoyment you experience when you first step in only increases when you realize the perfect shower has been created in your home.


Style and color bring life to your replacement shower. You can create the look of subway tile, marble, natural stone, and ceramic tiles in luxurious colors. These designs are easier to clean and resist mold.


Does everyone in your family require personal bathing products, or do you need space for only a few items? Add the space you need with numerous options for caddies, shelving, and storage spaces. The right amount of storage keeps your replacement shower organized and clutter-free.


Hardware will add the finishing touches with updated designs for faucets and showerheads in  colors and finishes complimenting your new replacement shower.


Ensure an added level of safety by choosing from varying grab bars and placement. Add a shower seat for comfort. If making your replacement shower accessible to everyone is a priority, we can turn it into a reality.

Functional Doors

Doors are the perfect option to beautifully frame your replacement shower, adding a precise transition point. Choose from pivot doors or sliding enclosures with framed and unframed glass options. Shower doors allow light to brighten the space and often eliminate the need to add additional lighting as you age.

Your home’s value increases with the installment of a replacement shower containing versatile options. Your satisfaction in your home also increases when you enjoy a quality finished product.

Your Replacement Shower Choice in Boston

Stepping into the shower at the end of the day should not cause stress. Working with Bath Makeover by Capital will allow you to achieve maximum comfort and style with the addition of a replacement shower. Premium choices and options help produce the quality result you are looking for in your bathroom.

Our responsive service and efficient installations allow minimal interruption to your daily schedule. We not only offer luxurious replacement showers with many options, but we also provide peace of mind.


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