When it comes time to replace your old bathtub, Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel can help. Rather than a messy, time-consuming project, in many cases, the whole process of replacing your old bathtub can be done in as little as a day. 

Reasons to Replace Your Bathtub

Are you considering replacing your bathtub? Here are a few common motivations for replacing bathtubs: 

  • Difficulty cleaning: Sometimes, older bathtubs become difficult to clean. 
  • Unattractive chips and cracks: When your bathtub begins to crack and chip, the problem seems to worsen. 
  • Leaks: If your bathtub leaks, you risk damaging your home by not repairing or replacing it.
  • Upgrading its features: Sometimes, upgrading a bathtub’s features is the best reason to replace it. The addition of jets, water-saving features, and built-in showers can be a solid reason for replacing your bathtub.
  • Accessibility issues: You may want to replace your bathtub to make bathing more accessible to members of your household who have accessibility concerns. Speak to a Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel associate about walk-in bathtubs if that is the case. 
  • Preserving space: If the bathtub in your home is too large and you need more space, you might consider installing one that is smaller. 
  • Using extra space: If your current bathtub is too small and you have more room, you may use up some of that extra space by installing a more roomy bathtub.
  • Updating the look and style of your bathroom: Sometimes, you just want an updated look. Some bathtub styles date themselves, so a new design might be in order simply because you want a new look. 

Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel Bathtub Replacement Services

Bathtub replacements are designed to fit perfectly within your room’s existing area. You have the ability to customize its style and color. Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel aims to seamlessly replace your bathtub with one that matches the color or style of your home’s decor.  Our replacement bathtubs offer a fresh look that resists chips, fading, mildew, mold, and dents. 

We will visit your home and take detailed measurements and photograph the area to design a bathtub that fits perfectly into the area it is placed. We want to make this a quick and painless process for you. In most cases, we are able to replace your old bathtub with a new one in as little as one day. 

Our team is trained and organized and ready to quickly replace your old bathtub with a seamless, beautiful new one. Bath Makeovers by Capital offers free consultations to discuss your vision for the project and to agree upon the bathtub that perfectly fills your space. 

Bathroom Customization

When customizing your replacement bathtub, talk to the experienced staff at Bath Makeovers about the possibilities for your bathtub. These might include the following: 

  • Built-in seating
  • Soap caddies and nooks for toiletries
  • ADA-compliant grab bars
  • Shelves
  • Basin depth
  • Basin shape
  • Colors, patterns, and textures

Competitive Prices and Financing a Bathtub Replacement in the Boston Area

We perform beautiful bathroom makeovers, and we do it at competitive prices. The services we offer come at a price point far below that of a traditional renovation. Upgrading your bathroom may be more affordable than you think. 

We offer competitive financing that will further reduce the immediate out-of-pocket expense for a bathroom remodeling project, even though our bathtub replacements are already priced well below what you would traditionally pay. This allows you to enjoy the bathroom instantly while paying for it over time. 

We Offer Accessible Solutions When Replacing Your Bathtub

Bathtubs can be difficult to enter and exit if you or a loved one has mobility issues. The Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel team understands how to create your dream bathroom. Part of this dream may include making it easier to use for every member of the household. 

If someone in your family has mobility issues, the right kind of bathroom remodeling plan can make all the difference in their independence. When replacing your bathtub, talk to Bath Makeovers about the possibility of a walk-in bathtub or a roll-in shower. We can make showering pleasurable, easy, and safe for everyone. 

Bath Makeover Offers Warranties for Products and Services

When you invest in your home, it gives you peace of mind to know that your improvements are protected. At Bath Makeover, we offer industry-leading warranties on our products as well as our services. Your investment is covered from the moment your new bathtub reaches your home. 

Bath Makeover takes pride in our work, and we stand by it. Our acrylic products come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Add Value to Your Boston Area Home

By replacing an old, damaged bathtub, you are revitalizing your bathroom for your own personal use, but you are also adding value to your home. A dated bathroom, a hard to clean bathtub, or a moldy tub detracts from the beauty and the value of your home. Our bathroom specialists can eliminate this problem for you. 

Our seamless, easy to clean, fashionable designs require less maintenance and elevate the quality of your home. You can enjoy the benefits of a new bathtub while increasing the future resale value of your home. 

Contact Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel Today to Begin Your Bathroom Transformation

Whether you have a bathtub that is unsightly, damaged, hard to clean, or inaccessible to the members of your household who need it, replacing it is simple. The team at Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel can take a look at your space, perform detailed measurements and discuss with you the options and extra touches you might be interested in adding. We will manufacture the bathtub that fits your bathroom’s size, needs, and aesthetic. 

In many cases, we can have your old bathtub removed and a new one installed in just one day. We are ready to make your dream bathroom a reality. Work with us for an affordable bath makeover and financing if interested. Our beautiful, long-lasting work, prices, financing terms, and limited lifetime guarantee make us the best choice for your bathroom remodeling needs.


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