If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, you may be dreading the lengthy and often messy process. Putting off a bathroom remodeling project because you do not want to give up the use of your bathroom and have people in your space for days on end is a common reason that people will leave with a really bad bathroom.

If this is why you are postponing your getting a new bathroom, we have great news for you! Bathroom Makeover by Capital can install a new bathroom in one day. Our popular one-day bathroom installations save you time while providing an updated, stylish look that improves the function of the bathroom. 

Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, and there are many reasons to remodel it. Here are a few good reasons: 

  • Remodeling improves how the bathroom functions. Outdated, poorly designed bathrooms do not function in a way that benefits the homeowner, so remodeling can be the answer to upgrading the fixtures, changing the layout, and offering more useful storage solutions. 
  • By remodeling an older, less attractive, less functional bathroom, you are increasing the value of your home. Home buyers pay a premium for updated, efficient, and modern bathrooms.
  • Reduced utility bills can be a welcome side effect of a bathroom remodeling project. It can improve energy efficiency and reduce your impact on the environment. There are a variety of ways that energy efficiency can be increased. Speak to one of the experts at Bath Makeover for more details.
  • All of your safety concerns can be addressed with a bathroom makeover. Slipper floors, poor wiring, the need for grab bars and handrails, handicap-accessible features, or whatever your specific safety needs are can be improved through a one-day bathroom installation.
  • A fresh new look. Sometimes, our bathrooms just are not the modern, visually pleasing rooms we want them to be, and changing that is reason enough to remodel your bath. 

Why Choose a One-Day Bathroom Installation in the Boston Area

There are advantages to choosing a one-day bathroom installation. Having a bathroom project that begins in the morning and is completed in time to shower before bed is an incredible benefit. Listed below are others as well: 

  • The convenience of a one-day installation is appealing because you minimize the disruption to your life. Having the Bathroom Makeover installers in and out so quickly and having a brand new bathroom without time limitations is a true benefit.
  • Since the turnaround time is so fast, you may think it might be more expensive to have a one-day installation, but it is actually very cost-effective. It takes less time, so there are fewer labor costs associated with the project.
  • The mess inside your home is only for a brief period, and you can avoid an ongoing disruption. We understand you have a busy life and do not have time for days or weeks to deal with a remodeling project’s mess.
  • The quality of our products is top of the line and meant to function well and last. You can have a beautiful bathroom in a hurry and never sacrifice beauty or quality.
  • You can customize your space, even though the process does not take very long. Meet with our professional installers to determine the fixtures, accessories, and finishes you want for your bathroom. The beauty of this is they can be installed in one day.

How A Bathroom can be Renovated in a Day

A one-day bathroom project allows us to provide you with an updated, stylish bathroom that is ready to use the same day. Our experienced one-day bathroom installers will begin in the morning, and throughout the day, your new bathroom will quickly emerge. By that evening, your bathroom will be open for business. 

We offer high-quality bathroom fixtures at affordable prices while being backed with the best warranties in the business. This may seem impossible in one day, but our innovations in the remodeling process make it possible. Here are the steps we take to create your new bathroom: 

  1. We will come to your home for a consultation and listen to what you want in a bathroom space so that we can come up with a plan and give you an estimate. 
  2. Based on the detailed measurements we take of your space, your bathroom conversion products will be fabricated for your specific space. 
  3. On the day of installation, the Bath Makeover team arrives at your Boston area home with what it takes to complete your installation that day. 

Our top-quality, highly-rated products mean that saving time does not sacrifice quality.


Our One-Day Bathroom Installation Products

At Bath Makeover, we are picky about the products we install. For us to pass along a product to our clients, we must know that it is of the best quality. Each bathroom installation has our name associated with it, and only products we can proudly stand behind belong. 

Our quality products are made from durable acrylic that will not stain, crack or chip. You can truly customize your bathroom with a variety of styles and color choices. The industry’s leading warranty backs these durable, functional, beautiful products, so you know that they are there to be enjoyed for a very long time. 

Let Bath Makeover by Capital Remodel Your Outdated Bathroom

If you are in the Boston area and are interested in improving your home and increasing its value, the bathroom is a painless place to begin with, one of our one-day makeovers. We have years of experience, certified installers, and quality materials. Contact Bath Makeover by Capital for a free consultation. 

Our top-rated team can quickly provide you with a beautiful space that functions as you need, with the best materials customized for your home. The only thing that beats the quality of our products is the quality of the workmanship. We can improve your electric bills, and make your home more environmentally friendly while leaving you with the bathroom of your dreams in just one day.


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