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    Storage is an essential part of any bathroom space. Installing cabinets in your bathroom is a must to store all of your toiletries and towels, but doing so should also make sense for your home’s aesthetics.

    Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel wants to help you redesign this tranquil space in your home. If you’re looking to update or replace your bathroom cabinets, trust our designers and contractors to do this for you.

    Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets

    Why Should You Update Your Bathroom Cabinets

    Like any other part of your bathroom, it’s not uncommon for your cabinets to see wear and tear from years of use. Wooden doors can get chipped, cracked, and stained from frequent use in a humid environment.

    Whether you’re looking to simply replace the cabinets surrounding your vanity or breathe new life into your whole bathroom, installing high-quality storage is an absolute must.

    Luckily, our designers with Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel are well-versed in choosing the perfect cabinets to match your bathroom’s style and needs. We’ll make sure your new cabinets make sense so your bathroom stays clutter-free.

    In addition to making your space look even more beautiful and functional, updating these cabinets can increase your property value.

    Types Of Bathroom Cabinets

    With different home styles come different cabinet styles to choose from. Here is a list of some of the most popular bathroom cabinet styles that Bostonians love:

    1. Beadboard
    2. Flat
    3. Louvered
    4. Distressed
    5. Shaker
    6. Inset
    7. Thermofoil
    8. Patterned
    9. Stainless Steel
    10. Bamboo
    11. Laminate
    12. Tiled Mosaic
    13. Mirrored
    14. Stenciled
    15. Wood
    16. Slate

    If you don’t find yourself falling in love with any of these particular styles, our experts are more than happy to customize a style that works perfectly for your space.

    Scheduling Your Free Consultation

    If you’re thinking about installing new bathroom cabinets for your home, then now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation with Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel. Our experts will be able to show you the American-made materials and design needed to make your bathroom vanity and space look impeccable.

    Give your bathroom the makeover it deserves with brand-new cabinets. Contact us now.


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    Extremely professional service from start to finish. They did an amazing job on our bathroom and were available throughout the entire process! A commodity unfortunately not found in many contracting companies these days. My wife and I highly recommend Jacuzzi Bath Remodel. Matt our salesman was polite, professional, and down to earth. Our bathroom is a dream come true! We will definitely use them again.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Boston


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